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HEAS Seminar Series – Archaeological Science

Mai 22 @ 10:30 - 11:30

Vincent Gaffney

Not drowning but waving!  Doggerland and the Lost Frontiers Project

The Bradford ERC Advanced Grant Project “Europe’s Lost Frontiers” was the largest directly funded archaeological project investigating the vast inundated archaeological landscapes lying beneath the southern North Sea.  Using seismic data generated by the energy sector, the project has generated topographical maps of early Holocene Doggerland covering c. 188,000km2. Using these data as a guide the project has used undertaken a series of coring programmes  to recover traditional environmental proxies, but also ancient DNA recovered directly from buried sediments under the sea floor, as tools for the reconstruction of the palaeoenvironments of Doggerland, to explore the development of these landscapes during the period of climatic amelioration and specifically to look for environmental markers within the marine environment which may not be recognised via traditional methodologies. These data are currently being used for broader modelling strategies to investigate the ecological development of Doggerland.  The project fieldwork concluded in 2021 and this presentation will the latest results from ongoing research by a global research collaborative.


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Mai 22
10:30 - 11:30