HEAS Seed Grants

Our HEAS Seed Grant initiative will support pilot projects that will induce more collaborative work in our network. We want to keep it simple and unbureaucratic. The short proposals should have 1 or 2 pages maximum, provide a summary of what will be done, what the target of the pilot project is (e.g., preparation for grant applications, proof of concept, etc.), and particularly should make clear the bridging aspect of the intended interdisciplinary work in the framework of HEAS. Please also include a short CV of 1-3 pages which includes relevant prior work.

Applications for the HEAS Seed Grants will be accepted twice a year, deadlines are always 31st March and 30th September. Applications are open to all HEAS PhDs, Postdocs, and PIs. Each seed grant will be for a sum up to € 3,000. There will be two Seed Grants offered each time for a total of four individual grants per year.

Proposals will be evaluated by 3 reviewers from the network or, if necessary, also by external colleagues. Grantees will be announced in the NEWS Section of the HEAS website.

HEAS Members

If you would like more information about the grants or would like to submit a proposal, please contact Maeve