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I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Vienna, and part of Philipp Mitteröcker's research group. Following a generalist training in natural sciences, including geosciences and palaeontology, I did a PhD in palaeoanthropology. I study the evolutionary processes underlying vertebrate morphology, particularly the primate skull, and I am currently working on different aspects of ear evolvability in mammals and birds. I am also interested in the development of morphometric and statistical methods, especially in relation to geometric morphometrics.

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I am an evolutionary biologist and has been working on method development for solving different problems with population genomic data, including detecting positive selection, estimating strength of natural selection, quantifying time-varying selective pressures, inferring the distribution of fitness effects, and detecting archaic admixture. I will continue to investigate many other interesting topics in the future.

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