Department of Evolutionary Anthropology (DEA) Members


Dominik Hagmann is currently working on several projects primarily focusing on Roman archaeology in Austria and is a lecturer at the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology (University of Vienna). In Dec. 2021, he submitted his PhD-thesis at the University of Vienna’s Doctoral School for Cultural and Historical Studies on “Roman rural landscapes in Noricum. “ As an archaeologist, Dominik focuses on provincial Roman studies in terms of settlement and landscape archaeology in Austria. He implements state-of-the-art digital and interdisciplinary methods into his research. He participated (partly a field director) in numerous field campaigns in Central and Southern Europe and the Middle East in the course of several third-party-funded international and national research projects.  

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Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science (VIAS) Team Leaders


Deputy Head

I am a geophysicist interested in innovative research into efficient, high-resolution, geophysical prospection and digital documentation methods and their application to geosciences, archaeology and engineering problems. I am motivated by the potential of new techniques permitting the imaging of subsurface structures in unprecedented resolution, revealing hidden man-made and natural treasures. I enjoy sharing insights, findings and know-how with colleagues, students and the interested public.

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