Our mission is to study human biological and cultural evolution together in an interdisciplinary network comprising evolutionary anthropology, archaeology, genetics, palaeontology, life history, behavioural biology, isotope physics, geophysics, remote sensing, geology, environmental systems science, geochemistry, and material sciences.

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Human local adaptation in the TRPM8 cold receptor

18th July at 14:15 HEAS is happy to  invite you to a talk on the 18th July at 14:15 to

Young Researchers in Archaeometry

5 – 6 of September 2022 Heas member Magdalena T. Srienc-Ściesiek is on the organising committee for the Young Researchers

Interactions of past environmental changes and modern human global expansion

19th July at 13:00 Join Dr. Frédérik Saltré, Research Fellow of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and

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