HEAS Head Gerhard Weber announces the release of the EVAN Toolbox 1.75 software for 3D shape and form analysis for free use.

Gerhard Weber - Head of HEAS and the Evan Toolbox

The EVAN Toolbox (ET) is a software package developed by the European Virtual Anthropology Network – EVAN ( and the EVAN-Society to facilitate 3D form and shape analysis of objects featuring a complex geometry. It uses Geometric Morphometrics (GM) which includes methods such as General Procrustes Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, Thin-Plate Spline Warping or Partial Least Squares Analysis. The software supports also data acquisition, particularly locating landmarks and sliding semilandmarks on curves and surfaces.


The version ET 1.75 is now freely accessible for everybody

Manuals explaining how to use ET Core and ET Templand as well as test data and predefined Visual Programming Networks (VPNs) can be downloaded under


Please acknowledge the EVAN-Society if you use ET for your research.

A Screenshot of the EVAN Toolbox in action

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